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So in a couple of days Rachel and I will both be moving on from the Bed and Breakfast and will have a lot more time on our hands so we are both celebrating. Rachel by going to see people that she loves. And I am going to bicycle into the middle of a 15000 acre conservation area and camp.

I have not done the cyclocamping thing before, but why not combine two of my favorite things?

I finished up, for now, my latest bike project. A Viscount 10 speed road bike. probably from the 80’s? New tubes and some cyclocross Kenda tires, a rack is on the way, as is a new tent.

Santiago is not a bad looking bike. I kinda like him!

I am trying to convert a couple of back packs into panniers. I really need to figure out how to get equipment given to me to review.

Anyway. There should be lots of pictures from this weekends ride coming soon!




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