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Trucker Lexicon

In case you were wondering…
Here is a list of commonly used terms in the logistics industry.

OTR: Over the road. This is used to refer to a trucker who drives all over the country. Usually is out 2 to 4 weeks before going home.

Day Cab: Truck that doesn’t have a sleeper. Used for local deliveries.

Dead Head: Used to refer to a tractor/truck hauling an empty trailer.

Bobtail: Used to refer to a tractor/truck hauling nothing.

Lot Lizard: Term used to describe a hooker who solicits truckers at truck stops.

OT: On time

T-Call: Terminal call. Instead of taking a load all the way to its’ destination, you drop it at a terminal and someone else takes it the rest of the way.

Drop: to unhook the trailer from your truck

Hook: to attach the trailer to your truck

Live load: You must wait while people physically load the trailer with whatever you will be hauling.

Preloaded: A trailer that has already been filled and placed somewhere in the yard for you to easily pick up.

Yard: area around warehouses and terminals where trucks and trailers are parked for pick up and delivery-like a staging area.

Qualcomm: On board computer used for communicating with our dispatch, as well as managing our electronic driver logs and our GPS navigation.

Gear jamming: Driving a big truck.

CB Radio: Citizens band radio.

This is all we could think of right now but if you have any questions about the logistics business, or how things work, please ask. We love to hear from you guys!



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