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And then awesome happened

So as you know we’ve been waiting for the last few days (since 11am Thursday morning to be exact) to get a load to Mountain Grove, MO to see Jacob’s family.
Today they sent us up to Edwardsville, KS (a suburb of Kansas City, KS) to get our batteries replaced, but when asked about getting a load home-ward we were told “be patient, don’t push it”. (Jacob just smiled and graciously responded…we’re lucky he was the one that was told this because I may not have been quite as…mature with my response).
Anywho, we got them to let us bobtail (drive the tractor without pulling a trailer) to the “store” and promptly headed for Raytown, MO to get some wonderful coffee from my favorite coffee shop, Benetti’s.
Ben, Michael, and Kiersten were working and greeted us with the warm welcome we had so desperately been missing. My good friend Chloie stopped by to see us and then later the wonderful, and adorably pregnant, Amy stopped in to see us as well. It was the social interaction I had been needing for weeks.
On top of all of that, as we were pulling into the coffee shop, and Jacob was narrowly missing the sign, we got a pre-plan for a load headed to Florida that doesn’t have to be delivered until Friday…which means, since Mountain Grove is on the way, we get to hang out there for a few days and leave in time to get the load delivered on time. Yay!
So now we’ve picked up the load and we’re headed to Mountain Grove to spend some time with his wonderful family. Finally!


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Good Coffee

Man, do I miss good coffee! I even miss okay coffee. The french press had been working overtime the last couple of weeks. I took for granted that I could have someone else make a great cup of coffee for me pretty much whenever I wanted. I also took for granted the availability of quality small batch artisan roasting in Kansas City. Benetti’s spoiled me the most. But even working at Muddy’s was a great opportunity.

The most frustrating part so far is that no one wants good coffee in Mansfield. I have been doing coffee for about seven years now, and have been trained by some of the best Barista’s I have ever met. Now, I consistently have my coffee “lingo” corrected and am told that I am making coffee wrong. It is a bit frustrating. But all I really want is a really darn (Rachel’s been editing, darn was not the word I used originally, of course) good cup of coffee!

The french press is great, and pour-overs always make a good cup of coffee. Maybe it is time for a Chemex, I have always wonted one.

To all of you that had your latte this morning… Don’t take your Barista for granted. It’s worth it, trust me. I have had one pretty good Americano in the last 2.5 weeks and am not real sure how I am even functioning right now.

Enjoy your coffee…



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