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So in a couple of days Rachel and I will both be moving on from the Bed and Breakfast and will have a lot more time on our hands so we are both celebrating. Rachel by going to see people that she loves. And I am going to bicycle into the middle of a 15000 acre conservation area and camp.

I have not done the cyclocamping thing before, but why not combine two of my favorite things?

I finished up, for now, my latest bike project. A Viscount 10 speed road bike. probably from the 80’s? New tubes and some cyclocross Kenda tires, a rack is on the way, as is a new tent.

Santiago is not a bad looking bike. I kinda like him!

I am trying to convert a couple of back packs into panniers. I really need to figure out how to get equipment given to me to review.

Anyway. There should be lots of pictures from this weekends ride coming soon!




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House Hunting

So you all know we are moving. I thought I would keep you updated on the house hunting.

I have always been a big fan of tree houses. Swiss Family Robinson and all.

Rachel has been talking a lot about beaches lately. I think I could live with that too.

There is something romantic about old Airstreams. And I have always wonted one.

I think a tent would work just fine. Great views! Guess as long as it doesn’t rain.

This is two of my favorite things! Campers and Bikes! But I’m guessing this would be more of a single guy kinda place. (according to Rachel)

And lastly. The dream house. For real.

So if anyone runs across a great deal on a tree house let me know. Or a camper, really though if you have a camper to get rid of hit me up.


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