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Time with Family

We finally made it to Mountain Grove and got to see the family! We had a really great time! We got to see our beautiful new nephew Taten who is absolutely precious.


And of course his older, more energetic brother Jaron.


Being out on the road all the time you miss doing everyday “settled” people stuff. Like cooking. So one night we made homemade pizzas, With homemade dough.



Lucky for me they had a classy apron for me to borrow.


We played Catch Phrase and this Lego game called Creationary. It’s like Pictionary but instead of drawing, you build with Legos. It was awesome.



Then, because this is the first time we’ve been back in months, we did Christmas. 🙂 We got a fridge for our truck that we’d been desperately needing…the old one was a glorified lunch box that didn’t keep anything very cold and made our lunch meat slimy. :/ The new one is like the Cadillac of trucker fridges.


It holds a TON of stuff and, most importantly, keeps all of that stuff super cold! Then, our brother Isaac who’s crazy talented with leather, made us homemade journals. They’re legendary. I love them!

Jaron enjoyed all the hats.

The trip went by way too fast and before we knew it we were saying goodbye…but not before seeing how many Smith’s we could fit into our truck.



We had a great time, and already miss everybody!
Now we’re back on the road and headed down to Florida.


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More waiting

So we finally made it out of Oklahoma, but instead of them sending us to Mountain Grove, MO for our home time, they sent us to Emporia, KS to deliver a load. So now, after having delivered that load, we’re waiting again…hoping to get home to see his family soon.
I know we’re out on the road all the time and sitting versus driving doesn’t seem like a huge difference, but it is. We have no idea when we’ll be able to leave so it makes it hard to do anything outside of the truck.
I think I get rebellious when I’m bored and frustrated with things so our snack today wasn’t exactly healthy.


Anywho, for now I’ll take advantage of the time to hang out with Jacob and knit. He’s taking advantage of his opportunity to read some more.


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Remember when we were sitting in Oklahoma waiting to get a load home so we could see Jacob’s family? Yeah…2 days later, we’re still here. Stuck. (supposedly freight is “slow”). We were planning on playing awesome games and eating awesome food with his awesome family…but instead we’re just sitting…waiting.
Jacob’s reading a book, I think this is his second now.


And I’m working on my knitting


We’re both getting a little antsy, but there’s literally nothing we can do about it at this point.
So, hopefully we’ll get a load out of here soon.  Until then, I’m gonna make a hat.

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Procrastinators suck at blogging

So we know it’s been a while since you’ve heard from us. We’re still here, or there…driving around the country together. Over the last month or two we’ve done quite a few things so I think I’ll just leave you with some pictures.











Maple bacon ale doughnut







The job is interesting for sure but so far we’re having fun.

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Missouri to Arizona

So we made the move to Phoenix last week. It was a great trip. We split up the drive by stopping in Alamosa Colorado on Monday night to see my cousin and one of my best friends, Seth. We had some great Mexican food and a really good time just getting to spend some time with Seth.

We spent a couple days in KC to say some goodbyes and do some catching up before heading out.

Our great friends, Christian and Emily, let us stay with them for a few nights. Thank you guys so much! You are awesome!

Of course one of our first stops was Benetti’s. Kiersten and John we working bar. I got the best cup of coffee I had had in over six months. You guys are awesome!

The “boys” got to come up for the Renaissance Festival. Isaac, Luke, and Josiah. We are excited! So is Rachel…

Josh on his “ye olde communication device”.

Turkey legs! I had one too, but my hands were way to juicy to take pictures.

I’m not sure whats going on… Josiah looks like he is up to no good. And Josh (max), being miraculous, as usual.

Don’t mess with these guys… Obviously.

Isaac was fighting them off all day. 🙂

Are we lost?

We got to do some hanging out afterwords. Amy made cookies, like always 🙂Harrison, waiting for cookies…

We had a lot of fun and miss everyone like crazy already. I love you guys.

Stopped in Dodge City KS on the way to Alamosa CO on Monday.

This used to be Rachel’s Grandpas hardware store.

We drove from Colorado to Arizona on Tuesday. We had a really fun drive and took our time, and did some sight seeing along the way.

Oldest church in Colorado.

New Mexico!

I forget how much I miss mountains.

Its worth the drive to Santa Fe just for Lota’burger. Really.

Green chillies on your hamburger. Yeah,

Yep, I felt pretty awesome!

Thoreau would have been disappointed. No ponds… Pretty great view though.

Arizona, finally.

Don’t mess with the serious face!

Winslow AZ, just like the songs, and that’s it.

We did get a pretty tasty corn dog there.

We started training today. So we will be busy the next couple weeks.

We love you all. Thank you for being a part of our life.


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Summer Treasures

I love summer! Warmth, growth, and long, long days. It’s great. My favorite part may be the fruit – abundance of fruit. Everything is growing! Jacob’s uncle has a bunch of fruit trees at his place and the other day we went over and picked a bunch of peaches that were ripe and ready! We got so many that we made 7 jars of peach jam with some peaches to spare.




Blanching to get the peels off

sliced up


The canning funnel is most helpful

Water bath!

Finished product!

Canning was lots of fun – more fun in the canning department to come!


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No Cyclocamping

So this last weekend was much to wet and cold to do any camping. And it has rained just about every other day since. But Sunday I did go for a ride and take a few pictures. They will have to do for now.

I don’t like the brakes and I am thinking about changing up the bars…

The little creek…

Simpson Farm is across the highway from us and has all sorts of berries and grapes!Lots of flowers now, things are starting to get pretty.

Sorry for all of the gaps in the posts. We don’t have internet and have had a hard time finding some. The McD’s is the only place in town with wi-fi. Lame

Thanks! -J

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So in a couple of days Rachel and I will both be moving on from the Bed and Breakfast and will have a lot more time on our hands so we are both celebrating. Rachel by going to see people that she loves. And I am going to bicycle into the middle of a 15000 acre conservation area and camp.

I have not done the cyclocamping thing before, but why not combine two of my favorite things?

I finished up, for now, my latest bike project. A Viscount 10 speed road bike. probably from the 80’s? New tubes and some cyclocross Kenda tires, a rack is on the way, as is a new tent.

Santiago is not a bad looking bike. I kinda like him!

I am trying to convert a couple of back packs into panniers. I really need to figure out how to get equipment given to me to review.

Anyway. There should be lots of pictures from this weekends ride coming soon!



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So we’re moving…again

I know it’s been over a week since we’ve posted anything, but we’ve had a lot going on here and we needed to get it resolved before taking it public. What do I mean? well allow me to explain…

We started here at the Inn a little over 6 weeks ago. Upon accepting this job, Jacob and I had several objectives or desires for our time here; paramount to all of them was our ability to spend time together. What we wanted for that time was to be able to enjoy the great outdoors together and spend some quality time with his family that lives 20 minutes away. Not far underneath these desires was the anticipation of running a bed and breakfast. We were excited for the opportunity to experience life as Innkeepers, to help the establishment grow, and to learn about this kind of business. I was also really excited that there would be a coffee shop since I really wanted to learn how to make good coffee (mostly I just want to make super cool latte art like this:

All of these desires were discussed in our initial interview with the owners and we were assured we’d be able to do those things.

Once we arrived in Mansfield however, we quickly noted differences from what we had been told. While our work load at the Inn was minimal, the 24/7 time expectation didn’t allow us to do the things for which we had moved. Really all we wanted was a freaking day off. SO, we resigned and are temporarily moving to a house on top of this hill:

with daily views like this:

The best part about this move is that we’ll be right next to his family – I’m pretty stoked about it.

Where will we go after this? Well I guess you’ll just have to stay tuned 😉


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Wedding Pictures!

Christian did an awesome job with our wedding pictures.  Sorry it has taken us so long to get them up on the blog, we have been kinda busy.

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