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So we’re moving…again

I know it’s been over a week since we’ve posted anything, but we’ve had a lot going on here and we needed to get it resolved before taking it public. What do I mean? well allow me to explain…

We started here at the Inn a little over 6 weeks ago. Upon accepting this job, Jacob and I had several objectives or desires for our time here; paramount to all of them was our ability to spend time together. What we wanted for that time was to be able to enjoy the great outdoors together and spend some quality time with his family that lives 20 minutes away. Not far underneath these desires was the anticipation of running a bed and breakfast. We were excited for the opportunity to experience life as Innkeepers, to help the establishment grow, and to learn about this kind of business. I was also really excited that there would be a coffee shop since I really wanted to learn how to make good coffee (mostly I just want to make super cool latte art like this:

All of these desires were discussed in our initial interview with the owners and we were assured we’d be able to do those things.

Once we arrived in Mansfield however, we quickly noted differences from what we had been told. While our work load at the Inn was minimal, the 24/7 time expectation didn’t allow us to do the things for which we had moved. Really all we wanted was a freaking day off. SO, we resigned and are temporarily moving to a house on top of this hill:

with daily views like this:

The best part about this move is that we’ll be right next to his family – I’m pretty stoked about it.

Where will we go after this? Well I guess you’ll just have to stay tuned 😉



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Dear Civilization

Over the last few days Jacob and I have discovered more and more that we really love the city. We miss the city. We need the city. And so…we write a love note to share our affections

Dear civilization,

After being deprived of your presence for 5 weeks now, I’ve come to realize just how fond of you I am. I don’t know if I can live without you.

I never realized how much I enjoyed your streets, sidewalks, thrift stores, urban outfitters, movie theaters, parks, museums, Thai food, curry, Farmer’s market, barbecue, good beer, seafood (not river food – like catfish), food that’s not fried, people, cultures, Spanish, Asian market, good coffee, coffee shops (the one we work at doesn’t count – trust me), El Maguey, good beer, live music, friends, cheese, wine, Eclipse, privacy, books, libraries, librarians that aren’t evil, bookstores, Chinese food, intelligent conversation, appropriate use of grammar (I am aware that this post is a horrible example of correct grammar, I apologize profusely), Kin Lin, cheap HyVee seats at Royals games with Kristie Fentanes, HyVee grocery stores, convenient business hours, logical business practices, Jerusalem Cafe, SUSHI, good beer, open-mindedness, variety, privacy, Chipotle, newspapers, cell phone signal, sports, good beer, bicycles, places to ride bicycles, people that aren’t white, coffee, 24 hour anything, book stores, any economy, good beer, pizza, ATM’s, banks that are open past 4pm, people that understand technology, people to go dancing with, a place to dance, art, people that like and understand art, privacy, anonymity, Panera, Westport Flea Market, goals for the future, Bella Napoli, coffee from Benetti’s, a life.

So until we see you again, keep it real. We are trying…

-Jacob & Rachel


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Bike Parts!

We have been waiting for bike parts to come and they did today! All except the inner tubes for Rachel’s. So we can’t really do anything until they get here, but we are still getting excited. My bike is not as cool as Rachel’s, but some new bar tape and we will be set. -Jacob

(It’s totally normal to wear long sleeve T-shirts with skirts right? Everybody does it… ?)

And…the best part of this package was that my surprise arrived!

I’m not sure if it’s cool to have, or want, a wire basket on the front of your bicycle, but either way, I sure as heck wanted one! I happen to think it’s the coolest thing ever and that my husband is the greatest for surprising me with this little addition! -Rachel

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Albert Einstein said “A table, a chair, a bowl of fruit and a violin; what else does a man need to be happy?” For me it would probably be a good book, a beautiful day by the river and a fishing pole. But Al was close.

The last few days have required me to be very flexible and resilient. As some of you may know, these are not easy things for me. Especially when it comes to planning.

We are moving, as you all know, and moving requires planning. But after trading trucks with dad (thanks dad) and tracking down a trailer (thanks Chad), but then not being able to use the trailer, attempting to outrun the rain, and finally,  getting to move in to our new place three days later than planned. We are almost ready to start unloading! In the mean time we have been able to enjoy a much-needed day of down time.  And, in spite of the required mental elasticity, the last several days have been exciting and a lot of fun. Thanks to a lot of love and patience from my amazing wife.

So, moving has been fun! I don’t really want to do it again soon, but its been fun.

Some times we all need a reminder that it isn’t what we are doing that brings joy, it’s how we do it.


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