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Time with Family

We finally made it to Mountain Grove and got to see the family! We had a really great time! We got to see our beautiful new nephew Taten who is absolutely precious.


And of course his older, more energetic brother Jaron.


Being out on the road all the time you miss doing everyday “settled” people stuff. Like cooking. So one night we made homemade pizzas, With homemade dough.



Lucky for me they had a classy apron for me to borrow.


We played Catch Phrase and this Lego game called Creationary. It’s like Pictionary but instead of drawing, you build with Legos. It was awesome.



Then, because this is the first time we’ve been back in months, we did Christmas. 🙂 We got a fridge for our truck that we’d been desperately needing…the old one was a glorified lunch box that didn’t keep anything very cold and made our lunch meat slimy. :/ The new one is like the Cadillac of trucker fridges.


It holds a TON of stuff and, most importantly, keeps all of that stuff super cold! Then, our brother Isaac who’s crazy talented with leather, made us homemade journals. They’re legendary. I love them!

Jaron enjoyed all the hats.

The trip went by way too fast and before we knew it we were saying goodbye…but not before seeing how many Smith’s we could fit into our truck.



We had a great time, and already miss everybody!
Now we’re back on the road and headed down to Florida.


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Summer Treasures

I love summer! Warmth, growth, and long, long days. It’s great. My favorite part may be the fruit – abundance of fruit. Everything is growing! Jacob’s uncle has a bunch of fruit trees at his place and the other day we went over and picked a bunch of peaches that were ripe and ready! We got so many that we made 7 jars of peach jam with some peaches to spare.




Blanching to get the peels off

sliced up


The canning funnel is most helpful

Water bath!

Finished product!

Canning was lots of fun – more fun in the canning department to come!


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More Bread. Yum.


–noun: the state of being enslaved to a habit or practice or to something that is psychologically or physically habit-forming, as narcotics, to such an extent that its cessation causes severe trauma.

I think I have an addiction. Not to any narcotics, don’t you fret, but to bread. I crave it! I want it and need it so dearly that when torn from its tasty delight for too long, I find myself inadvertently baking copious amounts of it. Alas, my incredible husband has the same addiction and so it seems that I am now an enabler as well as an addict. sigh.

Yesterday I made bagels. Jacob’s family came home from the store the other day with these garlic and rosemary bagels that they were all raving about and I thought, I should make some bagels! If I can make cheesecake, I can make bagels. (There is absolutely no connection between bagels and cheesecake, that last bit was for self-motivation and therefore will make sense to no one but me. I apologize). So I set about making bagels. Now, as of late, I’ve decided to use only whole wheat flour in the things I bake. Reason #1: Health. If I can substituted a few ingredients here and there to make the everyday foods I eat even the slightest bit healthier, I’m going to! Reason #2: Experimentation. I haven’t used whole wheat flour nearly as much as All-Purpose Flour so in my quest for a healthier lifestyle, I’m trying out all sorts of new ingredients and figuring out which ones I like, and which ones are just not worth it. So far, whole wheat flour is totally worth it. Delicious and nutritious!

I cut up fresh rosemary from our herb box and fresh garlic scapes from Laura’s (Jacob’s mom) garden.

I after much kneading and rising of dough, it mas time to shape the bagels. This part kind of threw me and I must say it’s not my most artistic work.

This next step is where bagels differ from everything else I’ve ever baked.

First, bring a big pot of water (about 2 quarts) to a boil. Toss a few (3) of these in, flip them over and let boil for 2 minutes. Pull them out of the water with a slotted spoon and place on a greased cookie sheet. Brush with an egg wash and THEN bake in the oven for 20 minutes at 425 degrees. They came out quite nice actually.

They didn’t end up looking too bad after all, and they taste pretty good too.



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So the plan for today was to drive in to town, get a library card and use the libraries web access to write a post about the beautiful and delicious bread that I made yesterday.

First mistake:

We got halfway in to town and realized we hadn’t remembered to bring the laptop, proof of address (which we were going to need for the library card), and the Red Box DVD we needed to return today. So with much frustration, we turned around to get all of the above.

Second mistake:

As I sat down in a  cozy little chair in the library, ready to write this post, I realized that neither Jacob nor I had thought to bring the camera – and of course we hadn’t uploaded the pictures from the camera to the computer yet. So again, we feel like fools. In Jacob’s defense, he spent the whole of the morning outside doing physical labor and came home feeling somewhat sick. I on the other hand have no excuse other than the fact that I’m a bit of a space cadet – according to my husband.

But wait – modern technology may have just saved the day! I was so incredibly proud of myself for making this bread yesterday that I took a picture of it with my phone and sent it to at least 6 different people! ….Which means…I can email it to myself and smack it up on this here blog! Hot dang I like technology! Please excuse the poor quality of the picture!

On the camera I had some pictures of the process that got me to this point, but this will have to do. It’s whole wheat bread made with honey instead of sugar and sprinkled with Rosemary on top. Fresh Rosemary from my wonderful herb box.

Also, update on the Cilantro – Jacob’s mother found us some!!! AND…I learned that Coriander is the seed form of Cilantro. It’s incredible the things I don’t know about food and gardening.

Anyway, I’m hungry and my dear husband looks bored – plus the hour of web access we get at the library is about up. So, until next time. Be safe, make good choices.



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Dear Civilization

Over the last few days Jacob and I have discovered more and more that we really love the city. We miss the city. We need the city. And so…we write a love note to share our affections

Dear civilization,

After being deprived of your presence for 5 weeks now, I’ve come to realize just how fond of you I am. I don’t know if I can live without you.

I never realized how much I enjoyed your streets, sidewalks, thrift stores, urban outfitters, movie theaters, parks, museums, Thai food, curry, Farmer’s market, barbecue, good beer, seafood (not river food – like catfish), food that’s not fried, people, cultures, Spanish, Asian market, good coffee, coffee shops (the one we work at doesn’t count – trust me), El Maguey, good beer, live music, friends, cheese, wine, Eclipse, privacy, books, libraries, librarians that aren’t evil, bookstores, Chinese food, intelligent conversation, appropriate use of grammar (I am aware that this post is a horrible example of correct grammar, I apologize profusely), Kin Lin, cheap HyVee seats at Royals games with Kristie Fentanes, HyVee grocery stores, convenient business hours, logical business practices, Jerusalem Cafe, SUSHI, good beer, open-mindedness, variety, privacy, Chipotle, newspapers, cell phone signal, sports, good beer, bicycles, places to ride bicycles, people that aren’t white, coffee, 24 hour anything, book stores, any economy, good beer, pizza, ATM’s, banks that are open past 4pm, people that understand technology, people to go dancing with, a place to dance, art, people that like and understand art, privacy, anonymity, Panera, Westport Flea Market, goals for the future, Bella Napoli, coffee from Benetti’s, a life.

So until we see you again, keep it real. We are trying…

-Jacob & Rachel


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This week in the kitchen…

I’ve been doing lots of baking lately – I love it. 🙂

First, I made some cupcakes. White with vanilla or citrus frosting. They’re yummy.

Then I made some cookies

and got the icing all over the walls … Everyone does that right?

Then I iced them

And then Jacob made some yummy dinner.

Anyway…as you can see we need to ride our bikes as often as possible.


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Great Weekend

The visit of one of our best friends, T-Rave, made this weekend awesome!

We had everything you need for a  great weekend; Food, family and fun. The camping was thwarted by iffy weather, but that didn’t slow us down.

Luke, the master of the grill, made some pretty fire Fajitas.

We made the trek up to Dove Mountain. Perfect day for it.

Hand delivered Benetti’s coffee made breakfast on Sunday amazing.

Breakfast on the patio.

Sunday morning we visited the Fellowship Bible Church with our friends Tyler and Becky. It was a great worship service and we are looking forward to visiting again.

Then it was time to hit up the STD Flea Market with Travis. Rachel came away with a bunch of jars and Travis got an amazing “Darth Tater” Mr potato head.

With Travis heading back to KC we decided to take the scenic route home through Ozark. It was a beautiful day, perfect with the windows down and the sun shining.  A great start to the week.


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Late Night Snack

Last nights late night snack was limited to what was laying about in the kitchen. Which wasn’t much. This is what we ended up with.

It is a grapefruit crepe with fresh whip cream.We have  grapefruit that is in the twilight of its life and needs to be put to good use.

The syrup is just a couple fresh juiced grapefruit that I cooked down with about 1/4 cup of sugar. It simmered for about half an hour and was still really thin and watery, so we thickened it a bit.

I threw together an egg, flour, water, baking powder,  a little milk and some vanilla extract to make the crepe batter. It wasn’t horrible, not the smooth texture I wanted though. Guess I will have to find a real recipe next time.

Then rolled them up with the fresh cream and there you go!

They were not bad at all. It was kind of confusing for my mouth though. It was really sweet and REALLY sour at the same time. There was some of the grapefruit syrup left over and I am excited to try it today. I think it will be preserves-ish.



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Disclaimer: This meal is not healthy at all. . . and we don’t care. Why? because it was darn good, that’s why.

BLT extravaganza!

This BLT idea came from Jacob and he was the mastermind behind dinner last night. (I love him).

So step one was making the bacon (pretty standard).

Then, we both really like adding eggs to everything so we decided to fry/poach our eggs in the bacon fat. (As you can tell, the meal loses all nutritional value very early on.)

We did this by taking a spoon and pouring the oil over the top of the egg consistently until it was all white. In an effort to get a picture of this I left them in too long and the yolk cooked all the way – we were going for a runny yolk. Oh well. It was still tasty. *safety note: If you attempt this, be careful, the oil has a tendency to ‘pop’ and burn your forearm. I wore long sleeves to avoid severe pain – and cursing.

Ok. So assembly of the famous BLT is pretty much a no-brainer, so I’ve just included some pictures of our process – basically for the fun of it.

Still too early to plant our garden, so we had to buy tomatoes from the store. They were alright.

I like them sliced thick.

I let Jacob do most of the work on this meal (and most other meals – he’s an infinitely better cook)


We like large stacks of bacon. Don’t judge.

The deliciously fried/poached bacon-y egg.

We can’t get anything but Iceberg lettuce here – so that’s what we worked with.

My tomatoes look yummy!

I liked Jacob’s touch with the toothpick through the middle.


We used the rest of the lettuce to make a small salad and then sat down to eat.

Warning: This sandwich is juicy and will most likely run down your hands – and possibly arms. (In my opinion that’s part of what makes it good – but that’s normal right? … )


Having shared this with you – and eaten it last night – Jacob and I are both feeling the results of “newlywed-itis” and need to be physically active. Once we get both the bikes up and running that will help a lot, but we’ll probably also limit the number of meals we make that include bacon fat as a featured guest.


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This Week at The Inn

This week was filled with lots of random activities, some of which included baking/cooking. Of course.

We met some new people and had them over for dinner the other night. I made some homemade chicken pot pie. (Not the best picture, but it tasted good).

I had some leftover filling for the pie so for lunch the next day I experimented and made some mini pot pies.

They were cute 🙂

Now for the baked goods: Cupcakes were requested, so cupcakes they got. We had some strawberries, and they looked dang good, so I used them as a garnish for my lemon cupcakes.

I’m not super proud of the way they came out. The butter-cream frosting wouldn’t cooperate with me and the cupcakes were so big that all the nozzles I had to do the frosting piping with just looked stupid…but they’re selling so that works. Also, I filled them with a lemon-strawberry filling but it just tasted like frosting in the end – so they’re pretty dang sweet. Does anyone have a good recipe for a filling?


As I mentioned in an earlier post, the kitchen that I have to work with is rather small…Nay, VERY small…so the small amount of room that a cookbook takes up in a normal kitchen, is an unacceptable waste of space in ours. Hence, my handy-dandy recipe book holder. Prepare yourself…it’s super classy, and may blow your mind.

I told you…Amazing.

Outside of the kitchen, my amazing husband is refurbishing this beautiful old bike for me. He ordered the rest of the parts we’ll need this week, and we should get them by next week. 🙂 I’m beyond excited! AND…it gets better…he said there’s a surprise for me! He’s pretty good with surprises so I’m eagerly awaiting the arrival of our packages. Right now, I’m trying to think of a name for the bike (I name things. Don’t judge) Any ideas?

So needless to say, I can’t wait to ride this thing! It’s gonna be wonderful!

To sum it all up, we baked, we cooked, we refurbished … O and I made some chocolate muffins that I forgot to set a timer for – we won’t be selling those.

All in all it was a good week! Excited for the good weather we’re supposed to have this weekend!


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