Almost time for a break

So we’ve been running these part two weeks looking forward to finally getting back to Mountain Grove to see Jacob’s family. Went in and out of Missouri a few times these last few days and now we’re sitting in Nowheresville, OK waiting for a load that’ll take us back that way.


After being on the road for two weeks it’s going to feel really nice to sleep on a bed that doesn’t move, and eat yummy, hot, home-cooked, fresh food.

…if you can’t tell, I’m kind of hungry at the moment.

This weekend should be a blast. It’ll be our first opportunity to meet our beautiful new nephew Taten. We can’t wait.


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One response to “Almost time for a break

  1. Wes Reed

    Glad to hear u guys get to be back in Mtn Grove for a few days if u are ever in the Topeka area we would love to give u guys a home cooked meal and a bed too just let me know we love u guys and are praying for u daily

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