I was thinking the other morning about all the people that I truly love and care for, and how often I them them that. Some people I tell all the time, like my amazing wife. For others, it’s been a really long time. So I went through my phone contacts and sent a text to everybody I loved in it. You can’t tell anyone you love them often enough. There are a lot of people that I don’t see often enough to tell them that I love them. One or the other of us has moved or something. There are a lot of people that I moved away from in this last year that I love a whole lot and don’t get a chance to tell them. I also moved closer to others. Anyway, don’t be afraid to tell people you love them. They like to hear it, probably. It’s also nice to be told that you are loved back. So if you get a random call or message from me telling you that I love you, don’t be surprised.

Love, Jacob


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