Moving…and all that it implies!

Moving makes one awfully busy! Especially when it’s not a normal move. Generally, the process of packing up all of one’s belongings into boxes and tubs is overwhelming and exhausting. Deciding to become truckers and then live in a camper on the few weeks you are home, adds a fun little twist to the moving dynamic.

Step one: Go through everything!

If I don’t need it (and I’m stressing the word “need” here), then it goes…but where to? Trash? Well that seems wasteful. Goodwill or thrift store? That seems like a better idea, and yet moving is expensive so what else could I do with all these items? That’s where step # 2 comes in.

Step two: Yard Sale

If I’m not keeping it, and it’s not a total piece of junk, then we sell it. In this case, there were many items we sold that, were we moving into anything besides a camper, we would have kept. Jacob had a TON of tools, decent – still in good shape – tools, that just won’t be needed for this next phase of our life…they went. I had a ridiculous amount of kitchen utensils and appliances. (Weddings will do that to you). So most of those sold, unless we needed them AND would be able to fit them in the camper. Needless to say we had plenty of things to sell.

Step three: Give

Following the final Yard Sale (which will be this weekend), none of the items that were meant to be sold will be returning to my home. We’ll pack up everything into a trailer and take it to the thrift store – never again to be seen by me (which gives me a genuine sense of peace and happiness…just sayin’).

Step four: Clean! nuff’ said.

It’s amazing how many things one has to consider when moving, and how it requires a reevaluation of every purchase ever made. Most days, I find it refreshing to get rid of stuff that you haven’t even used or looked at for the last 3-6 months. Other days, it’s overwhelming to have to make a decision about each item you own. Then there’s all the other planning required: scheduling to have the utilities turned off on your move date, transferring insurance, notifying EVERY account you have of your new address, planning the drive to that new address, figuring out where, when and how to get your new licenses, navigating the phone systems for all of these departments you have to talk to get this information (cause you don’t have internet and can’t just look it up), the list goes on and on…and the whole time you know you’re forgetting something, that you’ll show up at your new home and realize there’s something you should have done 1,300 miles ago.

But, in the end it’s all worth it to embark on a new adventure; to face the unknown of a new career, a new home, and a whole new lifestyle. The joy and happiness brought on by the impending adventure surpasses the exhausting work required to make it happen.



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  1. Hi Rachel,
    You have listed some great tips here because really a moving involves a lot of planing and organizing. Congrats to you on embarking on a new life. It is always challenging but fulfilling too! Selling your old tools is a great idea as those are in demand since new tools cost quite a lot. It is liberating to get rid of stuff right?! 🙂 Good look!!!

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