10-4 Good Buddy

So as you may know, we’ve been living in Mountain Grove, MO for the last few months. Jacob found a job working for Ready Transport, I haven’t had any luck.

As excited as we are that he has a job, we really miss spending all of our time together. So…we started brainstorming possible job opportunities in which we could work together. The other factor we were considering was finances. Jacob and I are trying to pay off all of our debt as soon as possible, which is made more difficult when only one of us is working.

So, Jacob had an idea one day…what if we were truck drivers? They have team drivers, where two people drive so that the truck can go longer distances in a shorter amount of time (a truck driver is only allowed to drive 11 hours in a 24 hour period), and very often married couples will drive as a team. Most of the negatives associated with trucking have to do with time spent away from home and family – but what about when your family is on the road with you? Well, then your family is just getting paid to travel. We liked the sound of that! So I started doing some research.

In order to drive for a truck company, you have to go to truck driving school. Cost for truck driving school ranges from $1,900 – $3,900, a person. BUT, we saw on some forums that some truck companies will pay for the schooling up front and then you have to agree to work for them for a specified amount of time (13 months). We found one such company and after applying were accepted to their academy 🙂 So off to truck driving school we go…

Speaking of which – our school is located in Phoenix, AZ. We’re excited! We’ll be doing training in Phoenix and then that will become our home base. Our current plan is to buy a camper and live in it the 3 days a month we’ll be home. 🙂 We’re equally excited about this fact. In regards to debt pay off, we’ll have ALL of our debt paid off in less than a year! So far it’s been impossible for me to say that without smiling.

So if anyone has any trucking advice for us, please feel free to give it!



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6 responses to “10-4 Good Buddy

  1. Taylor Liles

    Awesome! I’ll miss all the cooking posts… food will probably be less exciting on the road. ha.

    • Yeah, I’m definitely going to miss all the excitement of baking, canning and other such culinary projects, but hopefully those will be replaced with fun over the road activities. Ha.

  2. Momma Lisa

    You forgot to mention that the rest of your family lives in Phoenix . . . woo hoo!

  3. Kim

    It’s great you will be together…what about church? Kim:)

    • I imagine we’ll go to church when we’re in town, but out on the road we’ll probably listen to sermon podcasts and such. We already do a bit of that anyway. Thanks for being excited with us, I miss you guys!

  4. Steph

    Ahhhh I just love you guys so much, this sounds perfect for the 2 of you, not just saying that because its in AZ, thats just a major plus for me! I am so excited and can’t wait to see you guys!

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